Burger King sued after revoking 'meals for life' compensation


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Look on the ‘bright side’, oh ye King of Burgers, if this guy eats at your franchise every day he will die much sooner. So “free burgers for life” might only be a few years.

Yeah, “burgers for life” has a certain irony to it.


Quite sure being trapped in a BK bathroom is a circle in hell


I dunno, Shock-G (a.k.a. “Humpty Hump”) once “got busy in a Burger King bathroom.”


I don’t see shit that this Curtis Brooner did to earn him a “gentleman” tag.
Is every man who eats at BK a “gentleman?”


So wait, the locked in the bathroom for an hour incident happened after the BK-for-life prize?


Why 72?

They’re probably accounting for all the awful burgers he plans on eating.


He got OLD, hence “gentleman”. It’s simple politesse for “old fart”.

@picoFarad: I don’t see how that’s particularly cogent to this occasion, to be frank. He didn’t have anyone else in there =p.


I should think that you’re hoping to get old. I am.
Well… older, I hope.


I’m already at least a good portion of the way there (48). It wasn’t an insult, just simple observation.

By the by, that kind of crap is annoying as all-get-out, once you get to (and past) middle age, at least in my case. Nothing makes me feel older than being called “sir” by a pretty 30-something =x.


This is exactly what happened right before you get there.


In my area, that would be a nice step UP; we have a pretty bad heroin crisis in western WA, and my area happens to offer a lot of low-income/addiction services. I fully support these programs’ existence, the need is obvious and dire, but damn… It makes it hard for the rest of us. Nothing like waiting 1/2 hr. for the guy who just slammed in the bathroom to wake back up so you can pee -.-’.

Now, if we could just convince the local authorities to build shelter/housing, things would improve. And it’s not like the greater Seattle area doesn’t have the wealth necessary to get it done, or that it wouldn’t improve EVERYONE’S lives (and save quite a bit of money, when it’s all added up). But still, nothing happens. It’s frustrating, all the moreso for the poor/homeless/addicted people who need that help most, who thus keep causing problems for area businesses’ lavatories…


In New Jersey, back in the ole’ century, there was a burger chain several a few steps down from even BK, they comically called themselves Burger Chef. Long story short, they offered free burgers for anyone with straight A’s on their report card, I guess when nobody ever ever collected on the offer it went the way of the dodo bird and so did the burger chain.


One super easy thing you can do to help reduce that is to support area safe injection sites. Sometimes simply having a judgement free space where you know you won’t die is very critical in reaching a point where you can think about getting clean


Agreed. I DO know of needle exchanges in the area. They’re often run by Jesuits, interestingly enough, who ALSO are the ones running an STD “rubber van” making the rounds, but not “safe injection sites”, per se. I’m pretty sure the closest one you’ll find is in Vancouver, B.C. =/.

But that still doesn’t address housing. You don’t find too many people with a place to live talking to Maxwell Silverhammer in a fast-food bathroom, not to put too fine a point on it.


That… was unexpected, and hilarious! :sunglasses:


It’s a bad paraphrasing of a Patton Oswalt joke re: “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer”, but thanks nonetheless =).

@Papasan: I remember Burger Chef in the DC area, from when I was…er, 6-8, I think? I LOVED 'em, but I liked McDonald’s then, too, so whatever - lol.


Super Size Me is fiction.


With this guy?


Or all those A Students ate the Burger Chef out of business. The National Honor Society has it’s own agenda and should NOT be trifled with!