Judge: Florida can't force cruise line to take unvaccinated passengers

Royal Caribean had an idea to kick the unvaccinated into certain venues.

Freedom of the Seas has spaces designated for everyone, but it also has restricted use of some spots for only those guests who are vaccinated. Most of the spaces are those children wouldn’t visit anyway, because they’re adult zones.

Popular spots including the Solarium, the casino, the spa, R Bar, Schooner Bar, Chef’s Table, Izumi, Pub and Viking Crown Nightclub are open only to vaccinated passengers. Additionally, Deck 3 of the main dining room is open only to vaccinated passengers. Guests spending time in those areas don’t need to wear masks at all.

Insane, but legally mandated.

It doesn’t matter if they designate certain spots on the ship as “vaccinated only” and other parts of the ship as “unvaccinated ok”. The new covid variants spread regardless of vaccine status, and many of the vaccinated will end up spreading it. This is a cruise ship after all. Everyone on-board is going to catch it. The only difference is that most of the vaccinated will only get mildly sick, while the unvaccinated will get severely/terminally sick.

What they need to do is reserve 1/4 of the ship as ICU rooms with ventilators.


Reminds me of the olden days back when smoking was actually allowed on plane flights. And there was a little sign that stuck on a seat head rest designating the imaginary line between the smoking and non smoking sections, as if the smoke would stay on one side of that line :-/


I added a few extra bans to that in my head, and now I’m going to be humming The Thong Song all afternoon.


The first amendment “analysis” begins on page 16. Not sure that this is evidence of anything other than how fucked up the law is, but, there you have it.

Reed and Sorrell make clear that a law constitutes a content-based restriction if it singles out particular speech on a subject matter for less favorable treatment. Similar to the laws in Reed and Sorrell that disfavored “Temporary Directional Signs” and marketing, Section 381.00316 singles out and disfavors documentary proof of COVID-19 vaccination, subjecting this particular content to greater restrictions than other forms of documentation. While businesses are prohibited from requiring customers to produce COVID-19 vaccination documentation, they are free to demand other categories of documents to provide services.31 As such, Section 381.00316 constitutes a content- based restriction on speech.

Lollapalooza 2021 or Lollapalooza 1994? ‘Cause I’d consider taking that risk for the 1994 lineup.

Yeah, that strikes me an insane nonsense. Clearly cruise lines could create restrictions that are reasonable and restrictions that are unreasonable and the government could bar restrictions in a reasonable or an unreasonable way. That analysis seems to paper over all of that. Basically I think that the idea that on principle the government can’t tell a business, “You aren’t allowed to ask people about X before serving them” is a ridiculous principle. It matters what X is (you should be allowed to ask about vaccination statues, you should not be allowed to ask about sexual orientation, for instance), and that first amendment analysis doesn’t seem to care about that.


No shirt
No shoes
No Vax

No service


It’s a good thing we have big corporations looking out for the safety of consumers, fighting the good fight against a government that wants to prevent added safety measures.

Wait, that doesn’t sound right. It’s all topsy-turvy.


The Florida Governor has gone mad with power.


But on the other hand… If you don’t want to infect your customers with nasty bugs wtf are you doing running a cruise line???

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It’s like they can’t decide what stance they want to take.

Federal government wants a mask mandate? Tyranny!
Local government wants a mask mandate? Better get the state government to quash that shit!

Government meddling in business? Bad!
Government meddling in business? Good!


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