Judge hires lawyer to threaten court over jury summons


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Hmmm.What about the non-judges among us? What about those people threatened with a warrant for “Non-appearance” who have not lived in the state, say California, for well over five years? What if said respondent has provided proof over and over again and continue t receive notices that threaten a “warrant for arrest for non-appearance for a jury summons”? Yeah, it happens more than you’d like to know. New state DL, new state car registrations, new voter’s registrations in other states does not stop the great Los Angeles County from sending out useless jury summons to non-residents. Wonder how much of the city coffers is wasted on this little exercise in futility annually?


Suggestion for the collective plural for judges:

A fog of judges.


When all you have is a gavel, every problem looks like a lawsuit.


When all you wear is a robe, every day seems like a spa day.


There’s reason to suspect a deeper story here: Chemical dependency issues? Untreated trauma? No vacation for 17 years and still paying off student loans? Something.


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