Judge orders the State of Georgia to be prepared for pen-and-paper balloting by March 2020

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Everyone, roll your characters now.


In Galveston County, Texas, we used outdated systems by ES&S. Not even touch screen, you select ballot measures by rotating a wheel and pressing a button. You can review your selection at the end, but there is no paper trail, so no way to reliably audit the votes after the election. Galveston County is staunchly Republican, natch.


I’m a level 20 Secretary of State/Gubernatorial Candidate


No fair! That class is completely unbalanced!


We have had the ability to combine the security of a simple-to-use paper ballot with the speed and convenience of digital tallying since at least the early 1970s, as evidenced by any child who ever took a standardized test.

I can only assume any organization or governmental body that can’t solve this problem in 2019 has no interest in solving the problem.


I know technically when you multiclass to Gubernatorial Candidate you’re supposed to lose your powers from the Secretary of State class, but we house ruled it.


I personally think that is a good system. I think we should have hard copies of votes. It is what we used when I ran the polls in 2004.

Note that some of the methods for that are a bit confusing with the way those book are created for the voter to flip through and mark their card. But that is fixable.


I think it’s exceedingly naive to view these machines as defective, I think they’re working exactly as intended.


I will watch the results of paper elections in Georgia with great interest. And the contortions of various parties in order to circumvent a fair election.

That sounds precisely like the machines we have to vote with in Austin. I’ve never liked them that much but would probably be ok with them if they generated a paper trail. Which, of course, they don’t.

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This thread echoes my many reasons for being glad we’re on permanent vote-by-mail status. Paper ballot, with scantron-style boxes. Early voting supported (I get my ballot some weeks in advance), and the opportunity to vote at my leisure, and in the presence of my children if I desire (though I keep my particular choices secret.) Drop off at City Hall in a lockbox in advance, or at any polling place on election day, with no waiting and the reward sticker.

Will have a new voter aged in in time for next year’s general election, and I want to demystify the process.

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Or is motivated to keep it unsolved, maybe?

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What Would Mitch Do?

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Cory, please stop repeating the 243% bogon. It was a typo. https://nowhabersham.com/county-election-supervisor-says-typo-misrepresented-number-of-voters/

I am entirely in favor of Georgia going to paper ballots and there are plenty of REAL reasons for them to do so.

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