Judge resigns and youth court shut down after baby is taken from mother over unpaid court fees

No no, he’s a martyr to political correctness. You know, the kind that thinks families shouldn’t be torn apart by the government.


“Surely you can’t be serious!”
“I am serious, and don’t call me… oh, never mind.”


a Republican Party activist

THE PRO-LIFE PARTY.           ( o_o)-b


and then the other half…!!

A modest proposal, I has it.


You sure about that last part?

glances at picture Well, this sort of thing is bound to happen if you let David Fincher play judge-pretend.

this, this shirley.

I came to say what you said. I don’t find the actions of the police or the judge much of a surprise.

It seems to me that maybe things are looking up a bit in Mississippi.

Now if only those cops were to face some consequences.

POLITE SOCIETY: We must find common ground and compromise with our political opponents, they’re not cartoon villains after all.

GOP, DECADES AGO: So it’s decided – we’re the bad guys. Now let’s get some evil done! [They romp to victory after victory]


Shirley you must be joking…

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