Judge says no to Florida man's “stand your ground" defense for killing an iguana

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So you’re telling me iguanas get more protection under the law than Black Floridians…

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The law is a little unclear, but the wording suggests FWC’s position is “no live possession” without a permit or trapping license. Typical for invasive species – that the local DNR mandates killing them.


Yes, so the lives of lizards are considered more important than those of Black Floridians…

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unfortunately, it seems so.
the FWC directive even includes language that criminalizes “cruelty or torture” of the animals that they want to eradicate.


Which, of course, I don’t object to. I object the Stand Your Ground law, because it’s racist trash… We have one, too, here in GA, of course.


Hey, they are green, not black, soooo…


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Dumbass. Everyone knows Stand Your Ground laws are for friendly puppies, not iguanas.




seriously, this fella’s in my front yard right now! not even kidding. not really a big one, I’d say one meter head to tail(?)

I don’t have a problem with them at all. as long as they don’t eat my orchids, we cool.
I live one house away from the mangrove forest this street dead-ends into, there are hundreds of iguana in all these very old mangroves, gumbo limbo, buttonwood and lignum vitae trees, to go to war with them would be folly.
now street chickens I am at war with. bastards destroy my gardens and have taken to nesting in the planter boxes on my front porch which means digging up my exotic chenille vines :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: makes me maniacally poultricidal!
ETA: great gandpappy’s 12ga blunderbuss hasn’t been fired in nearly 100 years and would quite possibly blow up in my face if I ever got froggy with any chickens (can’t kill 'em here, anyway), so I just chase 'em around with my large fish net, thow 'em in back of the pickup and “relocate” to another part of the island. truth be told, I wouldn’t mind if they ended up being croc food, but I’m not gonna actively feed the crocs nuisance chickens


He killed the iguana by dropkicking it. If he had killed it with a gun (as god intended everything to be killed), he would have been fine under Florida’s “stand your ground” law. /s

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I’ve never dealt with wild iguanas so I don’t know how dangerous one might be but I suspect not very dangerous, especially if only a meter long. My one-time girlfriend had a specimen as a house pet and it was long enough that when placed in a standard bathtub (don’t ask) it had to curl up its tail. That one was, as it were, a pussycat and had tiny tiny teeth. It wounded me a few times but that was because it kept wanting to climb me and get on top of my head. The teeth were tiny but the claws were anything but. BTW, if a large determined iguana is trying to climb your back and onto your head it is very difficult to dislodge without causing damage.


They can do a tail-whip that can cause some damage as well.


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