John Oliver explains 'Stand Your Ground' laws

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There was never any question but that these laws were designed to make it easier to legally kill black people. People who buy guns for “self-defense” do so fantasizing about killing people. Most white people who buy guns for “self-defense” do so fantasizing about killing black people.


I nominate last night’s show as his BEST EVER, a must-watch.


As the commenter in probably the 99th percentile of pro-gun views of folks here, I think Stand Your Ground laws are mostly pure idiocy. Outside your home there should be a duty to retreat assuming you were not prevented from retreating.


Anyone have a non-geoblocked link? If the link were posted in text rather than just embedded it would be easier to get a workaround.


The story of the guy who went after the guys burglarizing his neighbor’s place just blew my mind. He was told to sit tight. But he went after them anyway. And he shot them in the back. How could he have conceivably been afraid for his life? How could he reasonably be not charged and convicted? This is insane.

What we may see after some time is the rise of the Black Panthers v2. Groups of African Americans who start taking up marksmanship as a hobby, get good at it, and start standing their ground. Will it be the Mulford Act and Sacramento 1967 all over again?


They’re not the black panthers, but the NFAC do fit that bill. I’m looking forward to mental gymnastics to explain why the BoogerBaes can cosplay mercenaries, but these guys no ( I’d prefer a world where neither had a reason to exist).


Double-click on the video. On the pop-up one of the options is to copy the video’s URL.

Personally, I just fire up my VPN connection.

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That is wisdom, difficult as it was to watch/hear at times.

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It’s available in Australia through Murdoch’s fox. Murdoch doesn’t want you to see lefty propaganda.

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The only solution I’ve found for this is to fire up a VPN. If you don’t have one, try grabbing the Opera browser, which comes with one built in.

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Let’s be fair here. I think there is a growing group of white people arming themselves to deal with the Turd Reich, should it become necessary…

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