Julia, a muppet with autism, makes her 'Sesame Street' debut

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Awesome, just awesome.


Wonderful, in the best inclusive tradition of Sesame Street and CTW. Anything that encourages neurodiversity amongst children helps build a foundation for a better and richer future.


I found out that the PBS children’s cartoon Arthur - based on Marc Brown’s books, had an episode introducing a character with autism in 2010. It did a pretty good job of introducing the concept of neurodiversity, and was followed by a live-action segment featuring kids on the spectrum talking about their lives and what they liked to do for fun.

It may have just been a one shot thing though, I don’t know if the new character was ever featured or even mentioned again. It is in the rotation of reruns of the show that PBS plays periodically.


Good on them. That seemed very well done to me. I like to think that today’s kids are learning to accept differences in this way.


Back in the day, it was something nobody talked about. I’m glad that changed. Now people know that this is a common condition, and not just one or two kids.

They accepted me or didn’t accept me, regardless of my differences. They weren’t forced to pretend to accept my label. I’ve found that about the same amount of people are genuinely accepting, and it will be hard to change that either way.


Finally got a chance to watch this. Beautiful. Just wonderful. Progress is being made in so many ways, even as we collectively step backwards in others.


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