Muppet with autism plays Boing Boing tag!


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Welcome to the tribe Julia!


Hope she doesn’t get the axe from Donald Grump


Can’t be more fun than Boochi Tag.


I am so torn about this. First, Sesame St is moving to HBO, so you can’t really use it as a thing to defend PBS anymore. Second, PBS has become a place for very rich people to buy TV programs - See Phil Rosenthal’s show, I’ll Have What Phil’s Having (he has 100s of millions from being the showrunner for Everybody Loves Raymond; I don’t begrudge him that, it was a brilliant show, and he earned the money). He wants to be on TV, so PBS sold him a slot. Elsewhere at PBS, the Kochs are major contributors and probably had a hand in pulling the documentary, Citizen Koch (interesting post by the PBS ombudsman here: I favor PBS and think that cultural spending by the gov’t has a multiplier effect and brings in much more than it costs (which is trivially small). On the other hand, I find it harder and harder to defend, since it has been so co-opted.


It’s a trick, that’s Rob, he’s a plant!


Not quite that simple. HBO has first-run rights now but PBS still airs the show after a delay of several months. While the current incarnation of “Sesame Street” does not receive funding directly from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, many of the PBS stations that continue to carry the program, thereby making it available for free, do.

Bottom line: cutting Federal funding for Public Broadcasting means kids from families that don’t have premium cable subscriptions may no longer get to watch Sesame Street.


Smart move. The first day on a new children’s show, you want to look for the biggest, meanest hipster blog that will be posting about you. Then you gotta violate their intellectual property, right in front of everyone. They’ll probably sue the crap out of you, but it’s worth it, because now everyone knows you’re no punk.


Give her a break. She just wants to play with the cool kids on the block!


Obligatory Rowan Atkinson Boing Boing song:


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