Sesame Street launches its first crowdfunded campaign, to prevent autistic kids from being bullied

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Shouldn’t HBO be funding this?


For context, the muppet pictured is “Julia”, an autistic character introduced to Sesame Street last year:


Such a modest goal. What would happen if they tried to do more?

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Here’s some speculation: perhaps HBO is funding another, larger, part of this anti-bullying campaign behind-the-scenes; by getting a portion of the funding through crowdsourcing, they can generate publicity, and foster a sense of engagement in their audience (e.g. maybe teachers can use the drive as a way to discuss bullying, autism, and activism); by making the goal attainable, they ensure folks contributing will get warm fuzzy feelings when the goal is inevitably met. But I could be completely wrong.

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Actually, bullying is one of the major problems experienced by autistic people. With that out of the way, most people on the spectrum could live a relatively normal life.


My daughter shows some signs of being on the spectrum. She gets lost and freezes in large groups and unfamiliar social settings. School could be difficult for her.

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