Watch the full Sesame Street special on white privilege and racism

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The 7yrs old girl at 21:36 is spot on, and is something I thought about for a while; let me expand it a bit.

Nobody can be perfect, including the police, and nobody expects them to be perfect, but they should aim anyway at being perfect. They should strive to show they are making an effort to become better. Well, they aren’t at all, which is really bad because the police is the last line of defense between citizens and criminals. If someone attacks me I call the police, right? But if the police attacks me, who I gonna call, the copbusters? Can I run away? Nope, it’s illegal. Can I resist arrest? Nope, it’s illegal and a recipe for serious injuries plus jail. Can I fight back? Nope, it’s illegal and pretty much like asking to be shot dead.

That is the recipe for creating more criminals, not to combat crime, which makes one wonder how much the firearms and prison businesses benefit from it.


This is nice, but a bit disingenuous considering that Sesame Street was bought out by HBO, who immediately started charging for access. The show was originally designed to be accessible to poor kids and now its essentially paywalled.

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They play all of the HBO on PBS, eventually. Not exactly paywalled, just delayed unless you pony up. So yeah, there are “have not” kids in the sense that they have to wait a few months, and perhaps some of their friends are talking about it already. It’s sort of like seeing a movie in the theater as opposed to waiting for it to come on TV. I think that at the target age of your average Sesame Street viewer, it doesn’t matter that much.

Having said that, when the switch to HBO happened I too worried about it. My autistic daughter is infatuated with Sesame Street and I was worried that she’d get burned out of what was on PBS or YouTube without an influx of new episodes. Turns out I was wrong, she handled it just fine. Oh, and the real crime here is the ransacking of actors on that show, they’re down to what, three regular humans?

The prison business needs criminals, and “jailable” ones, to justify the prisons being there and to justify states spending money to build more. It’s as if the EPA decided to justify its existence by making sure that companies kept creating Superfund sites so that the EPA could demonstrate how important having the EPA is.

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