Julian Assange's demand for an English translator that speaks Australian causes everyone's eyes to roll so hard that it makes the earth bleed

Assange was wanted for more than questioning. In Sweden they lay the charges at the time of arrest, not before.

This is true in real life current cases involving wanted murder suspects that have fled Sweden. There are no “charges laid” for them right now either, but there are certainly warrants for their arrest. Assange is not special here.

They stated the charges he was going to be arrested under. One was rape, with force.

Saying he “wasn’t charged” was a defense smokescreen, but Sweden was clearly trying to arrest him. That’s why he had an arrest warrant. That’s why they wanted to question him in person, not in the wind.


Works for me.


So, basically, it’s all apologies, hockey, and poutine? Maybe the occasional moose?


How could you forget the bacon!?


Moi aussi!


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Well, it is boingboing… so you already know the answer to that one

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I recommend Kitty Flanagan, who is an expert on Australia and democracy.


I don’t think any of the Aboriginal people want to have anything to do with him, but you never know.

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Welcome to the new boingboing, where sensationalism rules. They did a really good article mocking a homeless man for shaving on a train a while back.


Guys, this dude is scared. I remember being in a foreign country and so paranoid that I only trusted people that speak my accent. I would act like I trusted the other anglophones- but I knew who was reel. Of course, that was just weedanoid. Right or wrong- I’ve never met the dude- but I think he thinks it doesn’t end well for him.

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Tim Tams, Vegemite, Kylie Minogue!

Crikey, mate, I speak Aussie and I didn’t even know it.

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US has too much hate. Got nazis. People with pipe bombs. Anthrax. Mass murderers that blow away dozens of people in schools and churches. Hate Mexicans. Hate immigrants. Hate Bannon. Hate Trump. Hate Assange. Hate Wikileaks. Hate Venezuela. Hate Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen. Hate Russia. Hate Putin. Hate hipsters. You guys fucking hate everybody.

I’m quitting Boing Boing again. Last time I quit because Snowden/Wikileaks revealed the NSA+4 were recording everything, which would be especially bad when nationalist tyrants grab power. You know the Jewish people in the synagogue were attacked because they HELPED rather than hated refugees. They did not hate enough. People who do not hate enough must die: first by word, then by deed.
Reference: https://twitter.com/mollycrabapple/status/1056222591181090816

Yah, I know. ‘Good riddance. We hate you.’


So he spent 6 years in the Ecuadorian embassy and hasn’t managed to learn Spanish to a level sufficient to deal with his case? Not really that clever is he?

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The synagogue was attacked because of the rise of antisemitism, which has never gone away but has become increasingly normalized in the last few years. This attack was likely in part due to conspiracy theories about Jews. You know who else has helped spread such theories? Julian Fucking Assange.

He and his supporters need to stop trying to hijack the stories of genuine victims.

I’m quitting Boing Boing again.

Sorry if you’re disappointed with those of us who think that being forced to clean up after your cat does not make you a tragic victim.


I like that idea; Assange wakes up one morning to find the whole place empty, apart from him, and they’ve left the keys under a welcome mat outside the front door and notified all interested parties.


Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.
And don’t forget to write.

Or in this case ‘Moi Aussie’

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