Julian Assange's lawyers claimed he was offered a Presidential Pardon from the US if he helped "resolve" the DNC hack

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2020/09/20/julian-assanges-lawyers-claimed-he-was-offered-a-presidential-pardon-from-the-us-if-he-helped-resolve-the-dnc-hack.html


Since Assange has the promise of Presidential promise, I would think he would be anxious for the UK to send him here.


I assume he’s actually fighting “extradition” in addition to fighting “tradition”.


I appreciate his clarifying through his defense that he bears no small amount of responsibility for helping inflict Trump on the world.


assange probably doesn’t understand how protected he is because of trump’s transactional nature. the only “code of honor” trump has, if you can call it that, is that “if you do nice things for me, i’ll do nice things for you. if you are mean to me i will be mean back and twice as hard.”

i realized that when he couldn’t stop saying of ghislaine maxwell, enabler and procurer for serial ephebophile jeffrey epstein, “i wish her well.” if you go back and look at almost every other decision he’s made as president there is a clear transactional basis for it. it also has predictive power.


the orange fool’s reactions have made the bear market real. to profit, you predict that the markets will fall slightly every tweet and try to angle your buys with the tweets and the sales with sleepy time. this cycle of ‘everyone freaking out about orange asshole’ makes everyone very tired; instead of following along with his asinine words and actions - watch the underlying and reactionary data. Much more telling and useful.


These kind of spellcheck mistakes really grind my gears, even though they happen to me too. OTOH, I’m not being paid to write for publication. It seems like a couple of passes at proofreading could eliminate a lot of them. Yes, I am hopelessly naive.


i don’t follow them, i just explain them.


Except that you know he’s Trump - he doesn’t honor his deals. Manafort.

It doesn’t matter if you get it n writing either.


but mantafort made a deal which trump regarded as breaking faith with him.


So Assange has some principles. He wasn’t willing to lie just to get a pardon.

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Or he just wasn’t in a hurry to further expose himself to potential prosecution based on the secondhand assurances of one of the world’s most infamous self-serving liars.


Look at all the contractors, partners and investors that he screwed over.

Transactional doesn’t really describe Trump’s nature. It’s like the pure principle that Trump would aspire to if he wasn’t such a shit.


While Trump is transactional, he also doesn’t pay his bills if he can avoid it. If Assange isn’t offering something Trump wants right now I think it’s entirely possible Trump doesn’t pardon him.


In 2016, Trump partisans eagerly glommed onto various articles which claimed that while Hillary Clinton was fated to be a transactional leader, Donald Trump had the potential to be a transformational one. And at the time, I was still trying to sort out just how full of bullshit “Leadership studies” really was. I think that as a field of academic inquiry, it was capable of understanding apocalyptic cult leaders as transformational, but it seemed to be built on a foundation of imagination.

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Trump doesn’t honor deals or transactions. He only respects people who may have incriminating evidence that could get him embarrassed or convicted.


Or, Trump was worse than he feared, and he didn’t want to go down in history as having enabled him. Or they have evidence that that was the case anyway, and if he came forward with it the charges for when Trump would possibly be out of power maybe less.

Trump attempting to bribe Assange with a pardon to lie about the source of hacked DNC email files.

As big a scandal as any a US presidency has experienced, Watergate, Iran-Contra both pale in comparison to this. Yet trump is still here, running for another term, and pretending he is not a lying crooked traitor. I hope karma falls on him like the World Trade Center.


Yes, I’ve come to realize that once someone has been declared a ‘bad person’ on BB the most negative interpretation of that person’s actions are always the ones popular.

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