Manafort tried to broker deal to get Julian Assange to U.S


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Or we need to make sure he keeps his mouth shut.


Why whatever makes you say that? Wink wink…


Russia: “We don’t want him.” “You take him.”


Assange who? No - we never received delivery. Our tracking # shows that he was shipped- must have gotten lost in transport.

You’ll have to ask DHL where he is.


… and no-one of value was discussed.


Man, Assange must be really, really regretting helping Trump get elected…


Not sure. With Trump in power, the UK Government might be slightly less happy about extraditing people to the US. Very early in the Trump presidency, like the first few days, might have been the best time for Assange to make his move. Its too late now. After disavowing Cohen, there won’t be many pardons floating around.


Department of Homeland Lulz?


Maybe the package fell out of a plane, or was crushed in transit.


It somehow got delivered to a Saudi prince?


If he was expecting gratitude he clearly doesn’t know who he’s dealing with. Michael Cohen one said he’d take a bullet for Trump, instead Trump just stuck a knife into his back.


Gratitude (or the lack thereof) aside, for all that the Obama administration went after journalists with the espionage act, Obama himself reportedly pushed for Assange to be treated like a journalist (rather than let the intelligence/law enforcement establishment treat him as a spy, as was their wont). Trump has, in his usual lazy, ignorant, uninterested way, let the establishment do what it wants without interference (and probably without awareness), except where he has a personal stake (i.e. not in this case). That was pretty predictable, too.



Good grief. Maybe he should sneak over to Canada and move in with Jordan Peterson.


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