WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange arrested at London's Ecuadorian embassy –


Anyone want to guess at how long it takes him to be extradited to the US?

This quote probably won’t age well.

But, how’s the cat?


It was on his chin.


This thread should be fun!


You were saying?

“Read the Julian Assange indictment, We finally know what the WikiLeaks founder has been charged with”.

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What do you think? Will he be extradited (to the US) before Brexit?

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Probs. Senators, congressmen, and the president will be like: “He needs to be extradited to the US to face Justice”. If I’m not mistaken the UK has an extradition treaty in addition to the EU With the US. I’d imagine either are retroactive and it doesn’t matter if it’s the EU extraditing him to the US or Britain.

It’s a race to the bottom!


Wow, if you’re right that this group is somehow all in agreement with each other, it will be super interesting.

I don’t know if they’re quite that united a front right now, IMO.


I mean think about it here, when they wanted to extradite him to the Sweden, then to the US that’s the EU -> US. During the Cold War, the EU didn’t exist, it was the UK and the UK extradited lots of criminals during that period to the US i.e. UK -> US.

Are we sure they haven’t just arrested The Mandarin from Iron Man 3?


Charged with conspiring and enabling the hacking of classified information and at least attempting to hack the government systems himself… essentially. That’s not really a freedom of the press thing. Maybe civil disobedience if you believe in the cause, but I’m not sure I really trust Assange’s motives at this point. I believe Manning was disturbed by American atrocities (the intentional killing of civilians) and wanted that out there, but seeing how things have gone down since, I have less confidence in any noble motive on Assange’s part.


Pretty sure it was his cat…


Hasn’t that been the story of the entire Trump Administration. How low, can he/we(i.e. as a country) go?

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