'Jupiter: Into the Unknown', a NASA Juno Mission Trailer

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What do I think of the cinematic treatment… the Alien green text and unnecessary teletype-ish sounds, or the 2010 / Star Trek deep warbbly gong-bass and roiling cloud swirls around the great red spot that are going way too fast at scale, and all 'tuther fancy graphics…? hmmm. Not sure. Is this what it takes to get people interested? Might be a great idea. I hope they show it in theaters.

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Are you kidding? The green text tells you it’s sciency, and those little squittery noises tell you the letters are spelling words. Everything has a purpose, you see. And that warbbly gong-bass is what we used to call bass trombones back in my day. So now we have this important sciency information: Jupiter is scary and relentless.

…still hope they show it in theaters.

Jay (Oh) Oh (Mi) Eye (Gord)

Rather sums up all that is wrong with NASA PR these days. That “urgh” cringe embarrassing feeling, when somebody woefully out of touch is trying too hard.

And what’s with the “operation certain death” portrayal? This approach always suggests to me that, should the worst happen they can say “See? We said it was almost impossible…” Yes I’m sure it is difficult but you’ve been to Jupiter before, you should know how to do this.

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“All these worlds are yours, except Europa. Attempt no landing there.”

Personally, I think the whole thing is both an absolutely hilarious, dead-on parody of overwrought SF/Horror movie trailers, AND a guaranteed-to-go-viral promo for the upcoming 4th of July flyby.

Just perfect.

Complainers taking this seriously are completely missing the point.

It’s a funny and entertaining viral promo for a cool science mission.

It’s just the robotics and satellite nerds at JPL having a bit of fun.

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