Jurassic Benz


Gone is a typical CG approach. Here is a Mercedes Benz trapped in resin getting the Jurassic treatment. I thought this was a pretty good conceptual piece even if it’s for a vehicle I can’t afford and certainly not after it has turned to amber in a few million years.

44.4 tonnes of synthetic resin cast in 90 days

“The 280 GE from 1979 is enclosed in the square block in a dynamic position. It gives the impression that it has been engulfed by synthetic resin mid-stream when driving off-road, in its natural habitat, and captured – as insects were by amber millions of years ago. The square block is 5.50 metres long, 2.55 metres wide and 3.10 metres high. It took 90 days to make from 44.4 tonnes of synthetic resin. Every day the block grew by around three centimetres in height. Following the car show in Detroit the cuboid will also be on display in other markets with the new G-Class market launch.”


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