Jury finds Starbucks fired director for being white

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Great, now this whole clusterfuck is going to provide validation to the anti-diversity crowd who will continue ignoring the anti-black racism and present white people as the greatest victims of bigotry in the history of the world.


I don’t think “See? We’re not biased. We’ve been sued for discrimination by everyone!” is quite the winning argument they think it is.


I really hope it wasn’t an all white jury.


Would anyone think of while people? /S


Interesting - her firing seems to suggest that Starbucks was being generally inept in its handling of discrimination cases even after the incident, but also hyper-sensitive, and as a result was basically semi-randomly firing people to make it seem like they had strong policies in place when they were actually totally flailing. Someone had to be let go to show they were serious about racism, so they went up the chain of command until they came to an appropriate sacrificial goat. (Pay no attention to the white man who was likely hired to replace her.) It was technically discrimination because they weren’t going to randomly fire Black employees as part of their display of pretending they were taking racism seriously, but…


Why would they fire the regional director? I would think the store manager would decide who can sit and wait for business associates in his/her store. Was this an actual policy handed down from the regional director?


Starbucks did also fire the store manager.

The alleged reason they fired the regional director was that she

displayed poor leadership and “failed to perform the essential functions of her role as Regional Director” after the April 2018 incident.

Quote from and further details in this opinion on Starbuck’s mostly unsuccessful motion for summary judgment here:

From the evidence, @Shuck seems to be accurately summarizing Starbuck’s reaction and the actual reason for the firing.

She was just an appropriately placed person (not too high, not too low) who they could fire as a show of doing something.


Did they? I couldn’t find anything indicating that any action was taken against the store manger where the events took place.

From the opinion:

Further, Defendant fired Ms. Hylton, the Store Manager at the 18th and Spruce Store who had called the police to arrest the two men. (Doc. Nos. 70-2 ¶ 19, 79-3 at 8.)


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