This racist woman was kicked out of Starbucks by the police, because karma is real

I am SO proud of my peeps* in Walnut Creek.

*Yes, I know “peeps” is obsolete. Now, get off my lawn.


Nice one.

Dunno about a url for a thread title, though.

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I know. Did I mention that I’m old, and flummoxed by this interwebs stuff?


I’ve read BB posts suggesting that liberals – in trying to educate racists and possibly get them to modify their views – should try to understand them.

I claim here and now that in trying to understand them, to somehow take in and process their views in such a way that understanding is reached, I’m a complete failure.


I fixed the title because it was driving me crazy :slight_smile:


Thank you very much. I didn’t like it, either.

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Looks like Rob’s on the case now.

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Trying to understand thundering dumbasses beyond the basics is the same as legitimizing their stupidity.

Yes miss, I get that someone speaking a language you don’t understand upsets you and makes you fearful. But you know what? That’s your own problem. Maybe if you weren’t so dumb and fearful, your life would be easier.

If every single person you meet is an asshole, then probably the common denominator is you.


Pfft, I don’t think there is a person alive who doesn’t hold the same thought process as racists in one way or another. Probably not to the same degree, but still.

Everyone has a bias against a group. It may not be based on race or sex or age or nationality or religion - but something. It may or may not be to same degree. But it is there. An irrational dislike that lumps all of a group, possibly based on the behavior of part of that group. ETA - It basically boils down to not liking people one perceives different then you and those around you. It is a human weakness shared by everyone.

And we act like this backward way of think wasn’t the norm for 99.999% of human history and isn’t still the norm through MOST of the world. That’s right, go around and visit and you will find lovely people who love that you come to visit - just please don’t stay :wink:

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