White woman verbally abuses postal worker with racist slurs [VIDEO]

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I don’t think she expected that many people to call her out for her bigotry, but it’s clear none of the other customers were having it. So I guess that’s a plus.


Fortunately I have a cheap computer and am somewhat hard of hearing, so I didn’t catch all that she said. (So very tired, but exposing the evil is important.) But I have to ask - was that Bowser doing the recording?


Must be a day ending in ‘Y.’

So tired of this hateful shit.



It must feel impossible to stand there and not say anything, but his talking really makes it hard to hear her.

When people are angry and others around them are kind of ignoring it, they tend to over-act to bring home the point they are angry. They are internally miserable, fighting you, but externally no one appears to match the emotional level of the moment for them.

I wonder if Karening isn’t becoming the nuclear option of those situations, kind of the kamikaze rush. They raise and raise the stakes, failing to get a rise out of people, until finally they suicide bomb with a big Karening moment, saying something that can’t fail to get outrage.


Well said


I always wonder how I’m going to react if someone actually uses a slur against me in public… My instinct says to just laugh I’m their face. Remain unbothered and just chuckle at the audacity. But I’m an emotional human being so who really knows? The fact that I obsess over it is so much more disturbing.


In the same way that the racists have felt emboldened by Trump and his gang, the rest of us have been awakened to them. Many of us thought it went without saying that this kind of talk was abhorrent and beyond the pale - now we realize that everyone does not share our feelings. Now WE have been emboldened to call this behavior out.

You have lots of allies who will stand beside you. You are not alone.


Well said. I think it’s also a case of, if you’re a racist deep down, you have those words at the bottom of your well. Like, I have never felt the least inclination to use a word like that even when I’m seeing nothing but red with a person. Conversely, my dad definitely would. For him, not using those words takes conscious effort and when he’s angry he doesn’t have the resources left to check himself on it.

Trump has made people like my dad feel less of the need to check themselves on it. I think that’s become clear.


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