Just Be Best: Randy Rainbow sings about Melania


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Every time I see the name of this cyber bullying campaign in print, I can’t help but hear it being spoken in Borat’s voice…


What the hell does “be best” mean? I see the words, know what they mean, but can’t parse them into any recognizable grammar. At least “just say no,” despite being idiotic, was grammatical. I get that she’s not a native English speaker, but surely there’s someone around her to say “Uh, well, you could say ‘be the best’ or ‘be better,’ but you can’t say ‘be best.’” Like, seriously, doesn’t she have people?


It makes a lot more sense in the original Lizard Person.


It’s an ellipsis of an expiration date, like on a product. “best before 2020”.


Hum, if he can make it to Indiana and Kentucky surely he could set up a date in Austin?!


Is Randy Rainbow a national treasure yet?


Randy Rainbow is definitely a national treasure.


I think this is my favorite one so far. I watched that little “shut up” at the beginning of the song maybe 10 times…


“Be Best” reminds me of “Army Strong”.

Both mottos raise questions, such as “Is this grammatical?” and “Who decided that this is a good idea?”


“bOINGbOING Pretty Good!”


Like every other statement coming out of the White House, it means nothing. It’s the perfect encapsulation of the Trumps.

Yeah, but they’re shit too.


Now that I’m home from work and got a chance to watch the video . . . I want to have dinner with Randy Rainbow and steal those pink glasses when he’s not watching.


Holy Fuck, I wanna have Randy’s kittens.


She probably fired them for bullying her by correcting her grammar.


She is the most bullied person… /s


I really, really some Randy Rainbow this morning.

My favorite is A Very Stable Genius, but they’re all good.


Consistently smarter, funnier, and better rhymed than any late night show monologue or skit.

Plus, Randy’s eyebrows are impeccable.

Yet somehow Randy still comes across as down to earth, a friend you’d get your nails done with, or drop off chicken soup to get thru the flu…oh no… fantasizing bestfriends with Randy again – happens every new video. GAHH


Speaking of best, that was the best thing I’ve watched today.


Consistently smarter, funnier, and better rhymed than any late night show monologue or skit.

He’s really fucking talented isn’t he. That little ‘shut up’ at 1:31. Seems simple enough at first, but in reality not many people could drop that in so neatly after having broken into song.


I did an actual spit take when he said “fascist, er fashion”.
I should know by now not to be eating or drinking while watching this guy!