Just look at End Cape's tattooed bananas


Japanese Banana Art Is So Damn Appealing

Get it freeze dried, it will last a whole long longer.

Lasting? How un-zen

My Wife Left Town With A Banana

The potential convergence of phallic-banana metaphors and tattooed penis jokes threatens to rip a hole in the space-time continuim.

This is the exact reason we say, “JUST LOOK AT IT !”


If you’re going to draw something on a banana, that’s not it.

Stick stick stick stick stick stick stick: banana tattoo!
(doot dee-doot dee-doo-doo)
Prick prick prick prick prick prick prick: banana tattooooo!
It’s so tattooey,
and oh so gooey.
It’s visual, artisinal, scarification ritual…

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Oglaf’s Giraffapillar appreciates all those analogies.

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