Just look at this exploding, extremely ripe wild banana.


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Bo-o-o-o-ring. Can’t boingboing find us some exploding skulls to just look at?


that needs a NSFW blur or even a A NSFA deletion


So ripe banana
Sweet, its seeds sown, soft, but soon
Rampant with fruiting bodies


I was eating!


There’s some really nice deflating renders of faces going around.


I love the look of exploding, extremely ripe bananas in the morning. Looks like…victory.



What, bananas again?
Men must look at
Their going hence, even as their coming hither:
Ripeness is all.


The apparition of these faces in a crowd,
Bananas on a wet, black bough.


what about:


OK, I took out the kitties. Doesn’t the boingboing obsession with skulls creep you out?


Skulls are not creepy. Skulls are fun.


I am more suspicious of your lack of interest in skulls





What obsession?


I seem to recall that all today’s bananas are infertile…
Yep - seems so.

Despite its priapic shape, the fruit is sterile: every banana is grown from a cutting descended directly from mutant plants found by Stone Age hunter-gatherers.


Sometimes one has to take liberties with the truth in order to produce great art.


– A. Warhol