Just look at this lego banana-mecha being piloted by a dude in a banana suit


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The banana said, adding some self-narration at the end to get past spam filters.



The Banana Gun is a nice touch.


With banana bullets.


one banana

two banana


That spoon is clearly too big.


another expansion to WarBanana 40K? Im going to go broke at this rate.



Bionicles… Bananicles… meh. But that is one seriously cool Bananicle. I wanna see more killer mecha fruit suits, sold to me as toys and an 80s cartoon franchise in the style of Blood Dragon.

"Looks like someone didn’t get their five-a-day"
machine gun fire
"Your potassium levels are dangerously low, let me fix that for you"

Someone please make this for me, I’ll totes buy it.
Here’s Blood Dragon if you don’t know what that is, with the badass voice of Michael Biehn.


Is it steampunk? Because that’s where you find the best stuff. Mashups.


I love retro New York videos and music videos from the 80’s when everyone just experimented with whatever, but this makes no sense after the police pull up.


HEY whoah sorry for shouting - hey, anyone know when the first banana post was? And when the last one will be? I’m so tired.


Sounds like you might be low in Potassium. I’ve got just the cure for that!


First one I could find that I just looked at was:

If there’s an earlier one, I’d like to know.

The roadmap for BB’s future is in THE SAFE.


…god…god dammit…


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