Just look at this racist talking robot banana


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The Internet of Shit-talking Bananas.


Well, to be fair, it was the internet equivalent of inviting everyone to write on your wall and leaving cans of spray paint around, and then going to bed just before a bunch of drunk punks saw the open door and the spray paint cans just lying around.

A lesson learned the hard way that you cannot leave things unsupervised.


The real story is how he fixed it and flummoxed the trolls.


This is what BoingBoing needs. But steampunk, of course.


Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.


  1. Didn’t Sesame Street have talking bananas?

  2. I saw a video this guy posted, and it was a fascinating tale of attempts to weaponize the banana, and his counter attempts to stop them. Lots of back and forth, and he ended up with what he thinks is the best bad word filter ever created. Click on the youtube video to see the process.

  3. Also at one point the banana tried to burn his house down.


Oz bans Toto for 24 Hours and adds Permanent Strike to Record


And this is why we can’t have nice things.

GTX gang should be the ones to get band.


“… a mix of racism and creativity …”


So, Twitch?

I’ve no experience, so I’m asking.


Indeed. Way more fascinating and educational than expected.


I reckon this was something new under the sun.

also @RickMycroft wins the day.


Oh is that what you want? Because that’s how you get racists.


I focused on that phrase as well. Sounds like a political mission statement.


They had Ernie pranking Bert with a banana phone, and these singing bananas:

There were also these guys from Australia, but they weren’t on Sesame Street:


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