Mysterious banana being tosses banana into business


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Only a good guy throwing bananas can stop a bad guy throwing bananas.


The description of the banana hurler is a bit vague. Did nobody just look at it?


When the government takes our bananas, only criminals will have bananas.

Which leaves me with mangoes!!!


Wait. How did the police get involved?

It seams to me like a pretty harmless joke. Who calls the police because someone tossed a banana towards them?


This is why we should pass stricter regulations on bananas. Think of the children.


Look, Corey’s banana delivery service doesn’t validate addresses, OK? You call up, you tell them where you want the banana, give them your credit card information, they deliver the banana.


“yelled “Banana!,” and tossed in a banana. Then he took off.”

Crime of the century!


That’s bananas!

(Someone had to say it.)





My first thought too. It’s like because… TERRORISTS!!!


Goddmanit @awjt!


How is Doctorow not in jail already?


Time for a public safety service announcement:


I was trying to stay off this infernal thread. These are my kinsfolk being bandied about.


Were you born being just looked at, or did you convert?


I’ve been yellow on the outside and white under my peel for as long as I can remember.


Haters gonna hate.