Connecticut Man smashes car into gas station, steals banana, eats it




Just look at it.


Quick, someone write this into an action comedy movie or something! o.O


Harold and Kumar III maybe?


Perhaps he was just shaken from the car accident and needed a banana to calm his nerves. Surely we can all sympathize with that.


Diabetic, maybe?



My first thought was “Does Cory have an alibi”?


Obviously the man is not a BoingBoing reader or he would have just looked at the banana.


He wanted to go to the next level and appreciate the Banana with more than just two senses!


Yeah, Connecticut Man sounds impressive and all, but my favorite superhero is still Florida Man.


When pressed for comment, Police in Connecticut said that they were “looking at the situation.”
When further pressed for comment, Police in Connecticut repeated that they “were just looking at it.”


I’m shocked that no one has mentioned the Busy World of Richard Scary character Bananas Gorilla, whose whole raison d’etre is the petty banana theft.

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