Just look at this felonious banana charge




New video emerges of black cosplayer running for his life from cops who then shot and killed him

Insane. Zero faith in the courts. A getting a felony is a random as lighting strikes except more frequent.


It doesn’t mention his race in the article, but since he isn’t dead I’ll assume white.


… of Fruitvale.


From TFA:

According to an arrest affidavit, Mesa County deputies Joshua Bunch and
Donald Love said they feared for their lives even though they saw that
the object was yellow.

Why would such 'fraidy-cat whiny-pants people even become cops? Darren Wilson was afraid, the off-duty officer who shot VonDerrit D. Myers Jr. last month was afraid, good grief you’d think most cops spend their time being fearful. George Zimmerman was afraid, and he was only a wanna-be cop. Police work does not seem like a good career choice for cowards.

Or, perhaps it’s some kind of get out of jail free card, and new recruits are told “if you get into any trouble, just shoot 'em and then say how afraid you are, that way there won’t be any consequences.”


At least they actually have to engage in some kind of action in order to evade consequences. Progress!


Shouldn’t this be grounds for dismissal? You can’t tell the difference between a banana and a gun, you can’t have a badge AND a gun (might mistake it for a banana and try and eat it)


You get one bananaphone call.


Came here to say this. A google image search was not particularly enlightening as it returned a large number of hands clutching bananas. Various colour hands.


To tell the difference between a banana and a gun…

Just look at it.


You’d think that being bad at a job would be reason to get fired, but it doesn’t seem to go for the police. Or politicians.


Does that mean we now get to refer to Colorado as a banana republic?


United Colors of Bananetton.


What’s needed is to paint all bananas a bright colour, so as to clearly distinguish them from objects made out of gunmetal or blued steel.


I don’t have any links to provide at the moment, but I believe it’s pretty widely known that when uniformed police officers are evaluated utilizing professionally standardized methodologies, a disturbingly high percentage present composite personality profiles that fall within the same statistical ranges as many sociopathic, often quite violent criminals.

So … it kinda seems like these folks may not be the best possible candidates for our trending militarization of local police forces. Without anything close to resembling appropriate training, of course.


I’ve said before:

Actually wanting to be a police officer should be two out of three strikes against ever getting to be one.


I know a number of people who wanted to be police officers in the UK but repeatedly failed the entrance exams for various personality flaws. They were, however, allowed to be Specials. I guess if you’re dumb enough to want to do the job for free they’ll let you even if you are too damaged to be paid to do it.




Whatever you’re reaching for better be a sammich banana, cause you’re gonna have to eat it.