Just look at this sweetened sludge banana-injection system




That’s it, Cory. I’m reporting you to my psychiatrist.


Unboxing through enjoyment video (en español);

I have to say I’ve made some highly questionable purchases based on products I’ve seen on BB (I’m looking at you, split decision pie pan) but without the “just look at it” series I also would not have been aware of one of the most awesome products that a new parent can own, the bananasaver. Whether the Destapa Banana falls in to the former category or the latter, I’m not sure. But I will know within 3-5 business days.


Oh my… looks like Fisher Price have got into the farmyard insemination market.


I like this feature from the reviews:

It fits a wide range of banana lengths and curvatures and is clearly not a dildo (that is a problem with some other banana savers!).

They should put that on the packaging; “Clearly not a dildo”


I’d eat a banana with a chocolate pretzel stick inside it. Just sayin’.


Of course it’s not a dildo. It’s a Swedish penis pump.


Can I inject mushed up banana into another variety of banana? BANANACEPTION!


I believe that the proper term is banananana


sludge banana-injection system

Not to be confused with “banana slug injection system.”


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