Just look at this well-balanced banana




Level is not the same thing as balanced. This is a level banana.


I got caught levelling my banana in Cleveland.

My case was dismissed due to heavy courtroom traffic.


Looks like a part of balanced diet.


It might be level, but it is obviously not plumb.


Just 8,000 more XP and I’ll level my banana, too.


Cory eyed the banana with his cool, level gaze. “Just give it a balanced appraisal,” he said. “That’s all I ask.”


Can’t look at it - too much brown…


It’s also not structurally sound - I predict catastrophic failure within a month.


What do plums have to do with it?


Banana is not a fruit, it’s a herb. So fess up Doctorow - you been smoking this stuff ain’t ya?


It is a shame that banana has no “b” at the end of it, then it would be a palindrome like the word level.

Life is just not fair :frowning:

Also: bananab is fun to say, I tried it just now, and it’s true.


The photo needs a banana for scale, otherwise how do we know how big this banana is?


A banana boat, surely? Though, having said that, I’ve never found a gravy-boat much use for scaling gravy.


Here is a Banana Prawn for scaling .


Take that one back to the prawn shop.


But we’ll know if it starts to tilt.


You, sir, are a man I do not wish to shake hands with.

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