Just look at this cast aluminium banana




Okay we looked at it. Now what do you suggest we use to slice it up? So we can put the slices on our steel wool breakfast cereal.


Following the Minecraft hierarchy, now we need to just look at the diamond banana.


*Steel cut oats


I have a sudden urge to listen to some Steely Dan.


Somewhere Jeff Koons is wishing he’d thought of that.


It’s not DIY metallic food props, but because it’s nonfood items creatively filmed as food, and because it never gets old:


It looks like it should be a remote control.

Prolly the only thing it’d be good for is tuning in “Curious George” on PBS.

You could do worse than Dr. John.


How the hell could you defend yourself against a man armed with that?


You have a sick mind. I like you.


Someone knows contemporary art. I like you too,


Needs yellow anodising.


I imagine that it’s the same as a regular banana:


Nice to see there was no noticeable banana-shrinkage as a result of the casting process. :banana:


Perhaps the aluminum banana can serve as the SI unit of scale… How big is his hand? 0.75 SI bananas.


Exactly the point…

The official banana for scale

So as a test project I figured I would make THE scale banana.

A while back someone posted some pictures of giant bananas and tiny bananas. This of course discredits our “banana for scale” motto and something had to be done. After all, if the world can have a perfect kilogram sized sphere why can’t we have a perfect scale banana?


In keeping with SI convention, I propose that this new unit be called the doctorow (D).


So are we talking lower case ‘d’ or upper case ‘D’? I always find that confusing, and I think we should sort it out right from the start.


As I understand* it, the unit name (e.g. ampere) is lower case. The symbol (e.g. A) is upper case if the unit is named after a person, lower case otherwise.

*In the skimming-the-Wikipedia-article sense of “understand”.


Tell that to Force. mass and acceleration got a raw deal there.