Big Banana Car




I told you, you should have optioned that thing for the Happy Mutant Mobile when you had the chance.


I didn’t even make the connection! Looks smaller with appropriate sized heads on the passengers :smile:


I would so Dole out the :heart:s in this thread, if I weren’t on enforced cool-down :stuck_out_tongue:


But I don’t want to ride in it. I want to just look at it.


It’s got better acceleration than you’d think. You should see that thing peel out of the driveway.


Wish they added a banana for scale.


That thing is so Scarry.


Don’t go plantain ideas in his head.


Here you go :stuck_out_tongue:


Make it submersible, man it with John, Paul, George, and Ringo.

Alternatively, turn it into a bus for driving Minions to/from work.


Just look at it.


I love this thread. A bunch.


Strangely the Banana Splits never had their own Big Daddy Roth hot rod banana car, just those Amphi-Cat ATVs


Ah! Now that’s what I’m talking about!


I’m not sure if that photo could be any more awesome.


My car is too big.
My car is too big.
My car… is too big.

It is a banana!


If it’s going to eliminate the competition it’ll need weaponising. Scythes on its wheels - time for a comeback?


Every Boing Boing vehicle gets a Jackhammer Jill bubble blower and a wave motion gun.


Yeah, but rotating scythes, man - a banana splitter. C’mon.