Just look at this Japanese 100-yen store banana chipper


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Hm, I could swear we’ve just looked at this before…

My bad, the previous version was a crinkle-cut slicer.


What if my banana isn’t shaped like that? They come in all different shapes and sizes you know. I feel weirdly inadequate now.


I’m fairly certain I’ve looked at this before, but not in the ¥100-store packaging.


Just get a Camaro with a glass-pack muffler like everyone else.


Or you know, a Corvette.


Aww nuts, dude. Don’t let those bananatypical Cavendips get you down. Everyone knows the population presented in the media is biased, and doesn’t accurately reflect the diversity of bananas across the world.


Good luck to these guys going up against the Hutzler 571. It’s the gold standard. No one has cracked Hutzler’s banana slicer monopoly.


Just Look…at that thing in the passenger seat? Just look at it!


Then he’ll feel prosaically inadequate.


Just say that 100 Yen stores are one of the Great Joys of visiting Japan.


Pro tip from the comments:

The easiest way to get a metric version is to go on Canada's Amazon website...although I'm not sure if they will deliver to a US address. I live in Canada so I just ordered it from amazon.ca and they sent me the metric version. I gotta say, the metric version is much easier to deal with than the US version. 10 slices equal one banana. Whereas in the US, it's...what, 12 slices make one banana? That just makes no sense.


Why is it in the flip flop department?


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