Just looking at it


I think Markiplier might actually be a reader here:


Be sure to turn on the subtitles.


He’s ready for Groundlings.




What? I didn’t catch that last part …


“it’s for you”


That was way, way funnier than it had a right to be. Can we get him over here as Banana Emeritus? Or perhaps a Banana Fellow?


Never hurts to try. He has a real business email address on his channel’s About page.


I might have to coerce Jeff to make a Just Look At It badge as well.


You’ll also see on his about page he’s donated nearly a million dollars to charity from the proceeds of his livestreams. He hosts them pretty much monthly and it all goes to charities like AbleGamers, and various children’s hospitals.


That’s just damn cool. I enjoy being entertained, I enjoy people’s lives getting better more.

Fellow Banana, it’s gonna be a thing.



Mr. Bananas?

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