Justice Department files suggest Facebook, not Parler, was key venue for organizing U.S. Capitol attack

Originally published at: Justice Department files suggest Facebook, not Parler, was key venue for organizing U.S. Capitol attack | Boing Boing


wouldn’t you suspect that the removal from amazon web services was as much for all the death threats against bezos as it was for anything else?


Parler, with its combination of incompetent and easily outfoxed Libertarian management combined with deep-pocketed fascist sugar mommas and daddys, ended up being a real boon to Zuckerberg in the immediate aftermath of 6 Jan. However, anyone who has a MAGAt relative already knew that most of the rabble-rousing was happening right out in the open on Facebook.




This just in: fringe Twitter-for-crybabies social media platform less useful for coordinating insurrection than websites with literally billions of users.


Don’t be surprised to find blood on your hands when you go trying to stick your fingers in the business of every last person on the planet.


I’d think that Parler being offline would make it hard to find and use posts as evidence at this point. While I generally trust the archivists that grabbed public Parler posts and videos before it was taken off line, I assume that the FBI would have a hard time proving chain of custody in court. They could subpoena Parler directly for each suspect, but they would need a warrant, and that should require some evidence. It was probably far easier to build cases on easily accessible Facebook posts, and the absence of Parler refences in court documents are less about how Parler was used and how easy it was for investigators to find the evidence in short order. They may still go and find all of that evidence before trial.

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There is no evil of which Facebook is not capable and/or already guilty.


And, like clockwork, a little PR move of finally doing something they should have done a long time ago as counter-programming to the latest scandal.

You’re not fooling anyone, Zuck.


Can we finally de-platform Facebook?


I happen to think that the active phase of this rather massive investigation will go on for quite some time, methodically and hopefully very much more in depth and breadth. Expect more revelations but, also remember that the government will throw out bones and play little games in order to capture even more than a few in the insurrection crowd who think they will get away from being charged with the crimes committed. If not Parler, then it’s Facebook or Twitter or any other 4Chan 8Chan encrypted extremist sites they lurk about on. Sooner or later, there will be more named, either subpoenaed or indicted and arrested, facing the thrill of their lives to be in a Federal Court in a trial that could find them doing actual hard time. A reality, not a QAnon inspired fantasy tour…

Sorry, Justice Department Trump appointees, but this is not going to help in Parler’s lawsuit against Amazon.

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