This website has a map of Capitol Hill with links to Parler videos from the day of the riot

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The 21st-century posse comitatus+tarring and feathering. Hopefully it helps law enforcement, and brings the requisite public shame to the people who participated.


RIP America

They are just so profoundly stupid: and (at :18 guy says put your mask on, I don’t want them to see you, after she’s already on camera without the mask, and then, they actually upload the video to the internet). My god, these are dumb folks.



Truth! The only difference is the color scheme.


Ijits, all of them.


wow some of those videos are amazing.

Here’s only the 2nd one I clicked. It shows cops doing their job before all hell broke loose, someone in the crowd even says “cops are just doing their job”…and then starts chanting “We want Pence!!” ?

Good lord if you wrote the below as fiction it would be returned as “unrealistic and frankly, boring”

…aaaand here’s an a-hole bragging about stealing a shield from a cop, and going in the capitol, all in a hi-res close-up of his face. If he hasn’t been rounded up yet he will be

and this one is creepy…armored cops leaving and a voice saying “we just extracted, the building is yours”


jesus, that first video. omg.


So much for “back the blue”:


Insurrectionists. All of them. Traitors all of them.


i think about what ive done with my week, and boy. these people hacking this stuff together are doing awesome work. it seems like such a simple idea, and yet really powerful when done

it feels like stuff like this will really help people ( including law enforcement ) put a picture of the whole day together.


The first one I clicked on was a cop. What’re the odds?

Edited: Actually the first video I clicked on was the bragging ass-hole pointed out above. @KingGhidorah said he took the shield from a cop, I couldn’t hear him clearly but I thought he brought the shield because he was a cop. Either way - bad day for bragging ass-hole.


It really is effective, it’s been frustrating to work out what exactly took place and where on the Capitol grounds and in the building but this is amazing and should be mirrored everywhere in case it gets taken down. I’m currently reading Cory’s Attack Surface and this feels like it’s well within the Little Brother wheelhouse.


This has surely been discussed already, so please forgive the naive question: is this admissible evidence?


Here’s an interesting one of Jacob Anthony Chansley — aka Jake Angeli, aka the Viking Guy, aka the horn-headed U.S. Capitol Building protester in the aftermath talking about how he sees it all as a win: “We won by sending a message to the Senators and the congressman… that if they don’t uphold the constitution then we will remove them from office.”

It’s a window into his psychological and political state of mind afterwards.


so, you fascists thought parler would “protect” your “privacy”? guess what, fuckers:

That ended up being 56.7 terabytes of data, which included every public post on Parler, 412 million files in all—including 150 million photos and more than 1 million videos. Each of these had embedded metadata like date, time and GPS coordinates—unlike most social media sites, Parler does not strip metadata from media its users upload, which, crucially, could be useful for law enforcement and open source investigators.

and amazon pulling evidence right out of sight of the public eye…I dont know if this was just stupidity or intentional to sabotage necessary investigation by the public.


This guy smokes a lot of weed and/or meth and/or crack. You know it’s true.

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I would gather not directly but nothing is stopping prosecutors from using the same data to get the same information after subpoenaing AWS for Parler’s data, which they have almost certainly done already.


I’ve read elsewhere that he likes peyote.
I can’t imagine what it’s like living with that mind of his unadulterated, but thinking of living with that on peyote is very frightening.

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