Dumb US Capitol rioters called Nancy Pelosi's office looking for items they lost or left behind

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I wonder what the overlap is between “people who outed themselves as criminal insurrectionists on social media or phone calls” and “people who refuse to get vaccinated because they think the government is trying to monitor them via injected microchips.”


I expect that Venn diagram is effectively just a circle…


It is probably a point; so dense, it has an event horizon.


“The officers quickly got on the phone and said, yeah, just give us your name, your address, your social, you know, and we’ll tie up those loose ends,” Raskin said.

Wow, what a convenient way for the feds to use parallel construction to make it seem like they didn’t identify these people by the cell phones they carried into the capital, which is an effective, but creepy and politically dangerous, way to track and identify people! /s

To be clear, I’m glad these traitors got caught. But I wish people were more aware of what a panopticon technology has created. Blithe acceptance of these parallel-construction cover stories is part of the problem.


The BBC Radio 4 podcast ‘The Coming Storm’ by one of their top reports Gabriel Gatehouse, is well worth a listen. He has done a deep dive into the background of this sedition and interviewed many of the people who deliberately or inadvertently led to the situation we have today. The all-encompassing madness of this movement is deeply depressing - they are living in a completely different, yet parallel world to our own. I don’t know how this can be brought to a peaceful end.


Hello 911 - I’d like to report that my mother stole my meth.


" What Fox did is not just create a venue for alternative opinion. It created an alternate reality ."
– former Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer, 2009


This putsch certainly had more than the usual share of putzes.


“Hello, Speaker Pelosi’s office, Chris Hansen speaking. How may I direct your call?”


Not everyone had their cell phones with them/on (some people may have thought about being tracked, but others might have been saving battery, or worried about roaming charges).

Plus my cell phone’s IEMI being logged by towers in DC doesn’t prove I was in DC. It shows something used my device’s IEMI, it could have been fraud. It could have been my brother borrowing my cell phone. It could have been a family member/housemate grabbing an identical looking phone in the hectic lead to an “important” trip.

On the other hand someone calling in and earnestly looking for lost items is an additional signal. If my cell phone was there AND someone claiming to be me calls looking for lost items…and the recording of my voice sounds a lot like my voice? It is getting hard to dig out of that one! (I’ll point out though that brothers can sound almost alike on the phone though!)

Actually I’ll point out my phone wasn’t in DC because I stayed at home believing that Biden had been elected and the madness was almost over, not even for a moment thinking that there was one last hard push to topple democracy.

(narrators note: “last” was optimistic)


I feel like we as a society could greatly benefit by bringing back educational shows like Schoolhouse Rock. Here’s an episode that a lot of people (former president included) clearly don’t understand:


Charles Krauthammer and I would disagree on a lot of things. But not this point.


Some Republicans are trying to use this as proof that these people are “innocent,” because they thought what they were doing was legal. The problem with that is, being a delusional a-hole isn’t a defense, and let us remember that Mohammed A. Salameh tried three times to get a return of his deposit on a rental truck. That was after putting a bomb in it and detonating it in the world trade center garage in 1996 in an attempt to bring down the buildings. Sometimes people don’t do these things because they’re convinced of their innocence - they do them because they’re complete idiots.


We have reached a whole new “stupid” from these traitors, WFT is wrong with them…


The phones weren’t merely announcing they were in DC. They were announcing that they were in the Capitol. The Capitol is a massive stone structure; cell reception would be terrible if there weren’t cell phone “towers” inside the building. (A lot of people who regularly go into that building make heavy use of cell phones, and have the leverage to get good service from their providers.)

Some of those Trumpanzees were clever enough to spoof their IMEIs, perhaps. Or at least had the low cunning to turn their devices off. But you and I both know that quite a number of them didn’t have that level of sophistication, and indeed (as TFA mentions) many didn’t think they were doing something they had to conceal.

So the feds would have had a list of cell phones that were in the Capitol. This would have been a starting point for the investigation. I don’t blame the feds for trying to keep this all on the down low. I do consider that articles, like the one linked in this post, that ignore these facts to amount to journalistic malpractice.


That’s not as much of a conundrum as you are presenting. It’s a much smaller number of people than most imagine when you’re talking about the people who are actually willing to get off their couch and do violence to others. They seem bigger than they are because they are loud and visible and make a big impact, but the country could lock them all away and very few people would even notice - except for the sudden and peaceful quiet.


In today’s Republican Party, there are only two kinds of people:

  1. Liars
  2. Fools

January 6, I thought.


Indeed, that looks like a typo.

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