Capitol riot suspect arrested in shirt saying "I Was There"

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Based on that booking photo, he did a whole lot wrong and not just at the Capitol.

Also, not sure if it’s in the linked article, but I read yesterday that after the insurrection he posted that he had brought rope with him. They found multiple ropes when he was arrested.


That shirt is a confession to a felony, and the selfie certainly does incriminate him. But just carrying the powered-up cell phone that he took it with – unless it was in airplane mode (which, come on, it wasn’t) – was all he had to do to incriminate himself and to identify himself to the feds. I find it curious that none of the reporting on the roundup mentions this, but a cell phone identifies its owner, even if they don’t make a call, by connecting to cell towers, which they do continually. The FBI knows this, and like all law-enforcement agencies, has used it in previous cases. Journalists know this. The silence is deafening.

But yeah, fuck this idiot.


Why do most white supremacists look like they’ve been languishing in the shallow end of the gene pool?


This also reminds me of my friend who, because of numerous run-ins with the law, used to wear a shirt that said “Do Not Arrest This Man”.

He was subsequently arrested in said shirt.


White “supremacy” is projection.



“I Was There”

Thank you for your honesty!


RWA followers tend not to be the sharpest knives in the drawer. I pity his defense lawyer.


Very strangely, I believe Donald Trump summed it up well:

When QAnon sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us (sic). They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.


Because it’s been normalized in your mind that the “other side”, the neighbors and citizens you disagree with, are the enemy. You’ve been told they are traitors and Satanic child molesters, you were told they robbed you of an election. The man you worship instructed you to attack the capital building. And you followed his order without question. “Sheeple.”

Would you murder your own sister or mother if they disagreed with you about politics? Then why talk about assassinating Ocasio-Cortez?


Did you see that profile photo? I’m worried that they’d answer you “yes”.


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seems like the people were either livestreaming or posting to social media already, so they don’t really NEED the location data. but i’m sure they are paying attention to it.


“bro you got in?! nice!”

i’ve been a ticket-holder at phish concerts that were harder to get into than the capitol during a riot

“I don’t feel that I’ve done anything wrong and now I’m being locked up,”

and this is the line i’ve heard from just about every domestic abuser i’ve every had to work with


Incredibly frustrating for anyone who’s studied the history of the Weimar period in Germany. Coddling fascist insurrectionists – including obvious morons like this one – never ends well.


Roman Mars did a story about it on the What Trump Can Teach Us About Con Law (an amazing podcast) but I agree that too little has been said in this moment about the dragnet warrants used to dump cell towers and pull in everyone who was there.

Certainly lots has been written about that before now (including plenty on BB) but this time around it’s bad people getting caught with these bad tactics so I suspect people are more okay with it. Certainly a moral dilemma for those on the left who regularly rail against dragnet cellphone warrants, but in this case, without them, we might not have half the arrests and convictions that we do.


It is a moral dilemma and I’m not really for the dragnet concept but in the place we are now I have to admit I’m wallowing in a tired and petty place so I’m feeling a bit of glee watching the culmination of Trumpisim get something vaguely like repercussions…



“I robbed the Wells Fargo bank on Main Street with a sawed-off shotgun on Tuesday, February 2nd and all I got was this lousy T-shirt.”


Yup, right there with you. I honestly hadn’t thought much about how they’re catching these idiots, but then I listened to the Roman Mars podcast and thought, “oh crap, that’s how they’re doing this? Ugh…”

It sucks that justice and democracy can’t get a clean win in America, even when we’re talking about a blatant insurrection that was literally videoed from hundreds of angles.

The real problem is that nobody was arrested on site because there were no personnel on hand when it happened. Thus they are having to find everyone after the fact, and it turns out not that many people are actually identifiable in all those hundreds of videos.