Justice Department to downsize scope of warrant for DreamHost's user data on anti-Trump site Disruptj20

Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/08/22/trump-vs-your-data.html


The police don’t request records they have no interest in.


violent riots on Inauguration Day in which more than 200 people were arrested for rioting and vandalizing businesses in downtown Washington.

Translation: Two or three agents provocateur dressed up like the peaceful protestors rioted, and a couple of useful idiots joined them, giving cops a thinly-veiled excuse to round up everyone else.

Don’t believe it? This is the sort of bullshit law enforcement preys on while real criminals run amok (and for higher office)…


Well, a few people broke some stuff and that became the excuse to do a mass sweep and arrest literally everyone in the area (including the press). I don’t think they needed agents provocateurs, even - they were willing to act in a manner that was clearly disproportionate to what was happening.


Wait a sec, BB just posted something yesterday (don’t click!) http://boingboing.net/2017/08/21/wolfgang-pucks-pressure-oven.html


“The warrant - like the criminal investigation - is singularly focused on criminal activity. It will not be used for any other purpose.”

Uh huh.


What’s the excuse for even wanting the data?


Yeah, like what crimes?

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So BB is promoting the sale of bomb making equipment? There was an axe on here yesterday too.

@Comment_999, you know, “crimes”… um… “general malfeasance”…

Are they concerned that the website facilitated planning or are they interested in identifying people? If it’s for the former and stated reason, then there is no need for server logs. If it’s the latter and not the stated reason, then please state the reason.

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