Justified: A Murder Of Crowes [Recap]


Glad to have Justified back. Once Archer returns next Monday, my winter viewing is pretty much set.

There isn’t a single featured character on Justified that I’d care to spend any time with*, but the writing is so delicious as to make the show irresistable. Combined with exceptional casting and superbly directed acting, this is one of those rare TV shows that compares to the experience of reading a book whose “action” is merely the sales pitch for an unabashed love of language (e.g. novels by LeCarre or Gibson).

*barring perhaps Limehouse, who wasn’t head-to-toe layered in deceit and fuck-upped-ness; I’d watch my mouth and my step around him, but would be happy to share a plate of his barbecue. (Which, life imitating art, is p’bly the same caution I’d use around Mykelti Williamson, who portrayed the character.)

Agreed. The casting director for this show is something special, and I always look forward to seeing who is guest starring each season.

And the writing? (Paraphrasing) “Just for the record, the defendant thought he had four kidneys.”

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