"Kamala!": Randy Rainbow's latest

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randy rainbow has yet to make a video that did not make me laugh out loud at some point.


I was really hoping for the Monty Python Camelot song, but oh well, this is good too.


I’ve tried to watch Randy Rainbow all of once. I do not see the appeal, even as a lifelong Weird Al fan.

Randy’s certainly got a richer singing voice than Richard Harris; but the original can still make me very emotional.

I mean, it’s no, “The Wind is called Mariah”, but it’s got an honest delivery.


I admit, I haven’t always enjoyed Randy’s work, but this one I absolutely loved. Kudos, Randy!


Thank you this! It got me musing over where we got an odd word like “Camelot” (not likely a lot of camels), anyway:

Camelot (n.) legendary castle of King Arthur, a name first found in medieval French romances; the name corresponds to Latin Camuladonum, the Roman forerunner of Colchester, which was an impressive ruin in the Middle Ages.

…and perhaps my small bit of Latin might be stretched with “Camuladonum”: gift of C[u]mulus; (which itself is not related to the cloud formation, as that would be n[ui]mbus something) …withal.


Eh? Totally different types of humor. Both good, but different. They both do song parodies, true, but that’s pretty much the extent of the similarities.

Edited to note: they both have similar voices (similar register). So I guess there’s another connect.

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I was sad that 2018’s A Wrinkle in Time wasn’t good enough to merit some parody. I was kind of looking forward to someone singing, " Camazotz" to this tune.

When are Randy Rainbow and Sarah Cooper gonna collaborate on a video?

I didn’t like Randy Rainbow before it was cool to not like Randy Rainbow

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