Kansas judge blocks state ban on abortion pill and ends 24-hour wait period

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This is why conservatives are so desperate to prevent votes on abortion access. They tend to lose them, and those votes can directly shape state constitutions.

gormlessly grimly muse of the taxonomy of current day republicans. There is, i think, a major hidden division/branch in the phylum republican, and that “divided calyx” is: abortion. (keep in mind they know their vile stance is an electoral loser; so wtf??) The feckless thought experiment is if you could drop a net over a single House republican, force veritaserum down their throats, and ask “Why are you trying to ban all access to abortion?” You’d mostly get two distinct answers: (1/pecunia omnia) “My campaign manager tells me I gotta so that the big donor money keeps flowing in; otherwise don’t care, I caused the need for at least three abortions during my fraternity days alone [shrug]” (2/retrorsum mente) “Because society must always be lead by an all dominating male just like the bible says! and women must be forced to reproduce at our slightest whim!” …someone should publish us a zoological/taxonomic breakdown of modern republican party that we can recognize what specific slimy @#$ we’re dealing with -sigh-


The war against Gilead is going to be a grinding push and pull. This shows that we can have our victories.

The GOP’s dilemma is that as much as the majority of voters are turned off by abortion bans (and contraception bans), they also don’t stand a chance of winning without pandering to the Xtianist minority that wants them. The only way they can resolve the issue is by putting more effort into cheating and gaming the system.


Yesterday I cast my vote in Ohio for Issue 1 and will keep pushing wherever it may help.


I don’t think they care too much about what bullshit of the day they have to say as long as it bring in the votes. To them, votes equal money and power. It’s just a coincidence that their target audience and mega donors are horrible POS that wants to subjugate others to their narrow, ass backward world view. As long as the voting is not on policies but popular contest of being the vilest human being that forcing people who don’t share the beliefs of their base to the most horrible treatment, this shit will never end unless the GQP is decimated.


white evangelicals used to be pro safe abortions, until the late 70s when their leaders felt it could be used as a wedge for advancing the rest of their political causes. that part is pretty well documented

there are doubtless some “true believers” out there, but ultimately it really is about power and the paths to achieve it. if gilead will empower them, then that’s what they’ll aim for. ( and it would, so they do )


I voted for Issue 1 the first week the polls were open here in Ohio. Now I’m just holding my breath and hoping it passes. Because the anti-groups have pulled every trick they can to make sure it doesn’t. They fiddled with the language on the ballot to misrepresent what it does. The governor is going on ads lying about what it does. I just have to hold my breath and cross my fingers and toes and hope everything goes the way it should


‘pursuant to their own moral scruples’ is some subtle, but brutal shade :laughing:

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