Kari Lake's abortion U-turn: once called it murder, now grants exceptions

Originally published at: Kari Lake's Abortion U-Turn:Once a hardliner against abortion, Kari Lake now shows flexibility, offering exceptions in her abortion policy amidst changing political strategies. Called It Murder, Now Grants Exceptions


Sometimes it takes a loser to be the first to spot a loser. Especially if the loser is a power-hungry opportunistic fascist with zero morals or ethics.


I suppose on principle it’s a good thing to abandon a thoroughly toxic political position for a less-toxic political position but I don’t think there’s a person alive who really believes she can be trusted on either stance.


Revelations 3:14-16?

3:14 And unto the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write; These things saith the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God; 3:15 I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot.

3:16 So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.

So she’s a lukewarm Lake?


Absolutely not. I don’t believe for an instant in any of these “conversions” on abortion. They’re saying what they need to say to get the vote of sub-/ex-urban women (which is where this policy sends their electoral hopes to die), and the moment they get in power, they’ll do what they always do, enact their agenda without regard to the beliefs of the people who voted them into power.

They are political wolves in sheep’s clothing here, and moderates should very carefully consider that before they pull the lever for these charlatans.


That’s less of U-turn and more of a lane shift. Without signaling.


The way you know that almost none of these people actually believe that abortion is murder is that they are willing to accept exceptions and limitations. If they truly believed it was murder, they would insist on no exceptions and no restrictions on the definition of what constitutes abortion. I mean, can you imagine doing the same with actual homicide statutes? “The intentional killing of any person still capable of reproduction shall be homicide in the first degree. The intentional killing of any person not capable of reproduction shall be voluntary manslaughter.” I hope I didn’t just give them any ideas.


Don’t worry, they are way ahead of you.


Yep. I don’t take any forced birthers seriously as a result. This is also why I generally don’t accept at face value any of their professed beliefs. If that’s a lie, then it follows that all the rest are just a bunch of dishonest justifications for their misogynistic and bigoted attempts to control others in various ways.


Every attempt to end the life of a fetus, or, because I said abortifacients were also evil: they’re all MURDER of the unborn child.

However, I regret to inform my most misogynistic, dipshitteriest followers that my numbers are showing I need to make exceptions for murder.

Please, don’t get me wrong: I hate women. Heck, I’m a woman myself, so I should know! But…uh…please vote for meeeeee?


Right. The U-turn, i.e., the nod and a wink. Anyone in the GOP with eyes and ears will do the U-turn on abortion now, then – having been re/elected – will perform another U-turn on abortion and spend their time codifying and enshrining into law all manner of Christian nationalist shit-fuckery while tripling-down on measures for permanent control of all levels of government.


I mean, if someone told me Kari Lake believed there should be some exceptions where murder is allowed, I’m not sure it would sound at all implausible. :frowning:


“Abortion exceptions” are still a bullshit position. Basically saying they want a total ban but can’t get away with saying so. It’s still the same toxic fetus worshiping position of demanding a woman’s body be the property of state. Putting politicians between what should be decisions of a woman and her medical professionals.

Just because Kari Lake knows how to slightly read a room doesn’t mean she is any less toxic slime.


Agreed. We want people to change their opinions on things (well, in certain directions), but she’s proven that her opinion on a variety of subjects is subject to change according to whatever she thinks will benefit herself the most right now.


The true believers (and I agree with you that the vast majority of these folks don’t actually believe in what they’re saying, they’re just aping these positions to get into power) who are out there want to get fetal personhood established so things like killing a pregnant person (at any stage of the pregnancy) is a double homicide, which is a change from many (I think most) states’ laws where only the killing after viability can bring a second charge.

There’s nothing wrong with Kari Lake’s position change on abortion that being elected on a lie won’t fix.

And yet she is clearly on fascist autopilot and has no wheel to put her hands on and steer. When I do a lane shift like that my car tells me it is time for the driver to take a break.

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