Drag-queen-hating, Kari Lake used to love drag queens so much that she did drag herself

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Wow, it’s almost like hypocrisy is baked into the Republican business model.

Let’s not tar them all with too broad a brush, though. How about we start a list of non-hypocritical MAGA politicians? Feel free to add names to the list below:


Kari Lake’s drag persona is not a stand up guy.

They’re looking to gin up violence against LGBT people and eliminate us. That won’t happen without a fight - by any means necessary.


That’s the thing. You can’t judge all Republicans based only on the actions of 99.99% of them.


They’re ALL frauds, This one was just super easy to spot.

Question is, will it mean anything in a district that gives her a huge registration edge?


It’s always projection with these turds.


The level of arrogance that assumes no-one is going to dig up all those old photos and videos one knows one took in the past and share them on the Internet is also quite astounding.


Old videos? They often can’t seem to realize that people are recording them at the moment. Look at how MTG had to backpedal when tapes of her comments were entered as evidence in her appearance to determine if she was able to run? “I never said that!” “Play the tape!” “Oops, I guess I did say that, but I totally had my fingers crossed.”


Arrog- and ignor- are two -ances which together make a toxic combinaton.


I feel so sorry for the drag queen here. What a pile of shit they have to deal with through no fault of their own.


Including her own Instagram feed.

Amazing how many of these idiots never even think to delete their old posts before running for office.


I do not get the recent drag queen panic. Drag shows are fun. They made a literal game show about it. The shows I have seen weren’t even overtly sexual, they were more about the pageantry and having a good time. The pics I have seen of the Drag Queen story hours just have people in cool, colorful outfits reading books to kids. I am sure someone, somewhere has crossed a line with maybe a little too “adult” of a costume. But let’s not act like these costumes are some how hypersexualized. Part of drag is exaggeration to the point of near absurdity.

Its just plain ol’ othering bullshit. And people like Kari Lake know that and are using it as a culture war talking point.

How long will it be for they cancel Bugs Bunny for being a “groomer” (a word that has been perverted by the right. Not used in the traditional context and meant to cause fear.)


It’s a manufactured panic created by the same writers who brought us the ”Cross-dressers in public restrooms!!” crisis of 2017.


In Britain we have the pantomime dame, which is a traditional part of Christmas and considered to be a great honour for many actors, and the Principal Boy, where a woman plays the male lead. We also have a long tradition of drag on prime time comedy shows.

And yet we are also seeing signs of the same moral panic here. I sometimes wonder if the Britain I used to know is dead.


So what’s the solution here?
We have people, a minority, who are willfully out of touch with reality, hand in hand with politicians who will do and say anything to assure themselves of that segment’s vote. Together they are cheating their way to putting themselves into power over the express wishes of most of the population, and holding power by any means necessary. Is there any peaceful, legal way to oust them?


I felt that way about the US during my time there. However what Former Guy actually did is reveal that it was never the place I thought it was. Not to say it isn’t mostly filled with good people who want most of the same things that I do, but the darkness in the corner was always there. I merely had the privilege of not yet being able to see it.


Since these pictures are in the past it would be easy for her to just claim “I’ve seen how evil they are first hand!” or some bullshit.

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For a long time, men and young boys played all the parts in plays like in Shakespeare, because women weren’t allowed in theater.

I find it supremely ironic that the moral prudishness of yesteryear would generate pearl clutching moral panic in some today.

I remember once a local theater was going to put on an “authentic” Shakespearean performance, with period correct costuming, all parts played by men and boys, and there would be graphic violence like balloons full of fake blood (One example of foregoing the authentic touch of real blood in a pigs stomach or other such organ). I didn’t end up going, but now I regret it.

I’ve followed some of the goings on in UK media, specifically the BBC. The UK has the same issue with conservatives othering people, and the BBC giving them voice out of “fairness”. But they, IMO, are allowing some pretty shitty “journalism”. I hope it never gets as bad as the US. :confused:

Guess the “bright side” is that while bigots feel embolden, a significant number of people are equally emboldened to push back. Keep pushing back.

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Every. Accusation. Is. A. Confession.


Hmmm… I thought the basics were supposed to be Jesus Guns Babies…

I don’t think they care about those skeletons, because they don’t think it will matter to their voters.
Worse, You Know Who showed the way:
Even if you lose, claim you won… the Other Side cheated.
That’s going to be the modus operandi of the FDC from now on.

He merely confirmed [more of] my suspicions & made it plain that I was an optomist.