Katamino - a simple and quick, yet challenging puzzle board game

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So… it’s like… Amish Tetris?

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I saw Cathedral for the first time the other day. Much the same, only you get elaborately-shaped pieces to play with:


Oh I used to have that, it’s fun and beautiful too!

I used to have the same, about 25 years ago.

It was really fun. The mechanic is a tiny bit different, because you’re focussing on creating enclosed “village squares” or your color, in which only you can build.

It looks like it still exists today, although the versions I see online seem to be much smaller than the one I had as a kid.

Na nah, nanana nana na nah! Katamino Damacy!

I was introduced to this game by Arthur C. Clarke. Pentominoes are mentioned as a minor plot point in “Imperial Earth”.

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