Keep your water bottles clean with this brush set


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Keep your water bottles clean with this brush set

Keep your nose clean!


Looks handy.
I also recommend:


Lemon juice seems to help, although I’m open to arguments that the guys not killed by it are only getting stronger…


We actually already own this, and it’s excellent, especially for cleaning SIGG bottles and the like (which is why we bought it in the first place last year)


I have this set. The little horseshoe brush is great for cleaning the Bodum burr grinder I have.


Clean your water bottles? Next you’ll tell me I’m supposed to clean my coffee mug.

It is Empty, BTW.


“Keep your water bottles clean”

Darn the luck, I keep whiskey in my bottles!


I was just looking at discount bottle brushes on American Science & Surplus this week.


I wash my bottles with a rag on the end of a stick…


I usually just put some river gravel or crushed ice in mine and shake.


Three products that have carried over from raising an infant;

  1. Oxo Tot was for the waetherboy’s milk bottles, now works as a general purpose bottle cleaner
  2. Boon Grass was for drying waetherboy’s various (and numerous) feeding accessories, now just drys everything
  3. Beba Baby Cook* used to make baby food, now makes smoothies (is there really a difference?)

*note: do not cook actual babies with Baby Cook


how old?

my mug looks similar, and the usable volume shrinks ALL THE TIME. no idea what’s happening. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I need to go back to sciplus brick and mortar…It’s fun to browse through


Are you quite sure that’s not a toilet brush?

…Also, do you own any products that are not in in the colours of “lime green and white?”


I use it for that sometimes too.

When you have a kid everything pretty much comes in pink and blue, or sometimes green, and when that’s an option I usually go for green.


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