This kit turns your drill into a high-powered cleaning tool

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I bought a similar product from Amazon and I quite like it. While I can’t speak to this particular one, the one I have (Drill Brush brand but it’s probably all from the same factory in China) is gentle enough that I can run it across my hand with the drill on full power without it scraping me. Despite this, it does a great job scouring gunk from the sink and bathtub. I’m not sure I’d trust it on a polished surface (like wood, stainless steel, or aluminum) – but for hard surfaces like porcelain, granite, non-coated cookware, or ceramic it works great.

It doesn’t really work on grout, though – it’s just not abrasive enough.


I’m in need of a tool that will fling urine, pubes, and general grime all over me and my bathroom. Any suggestions?


Most people have perfectly good built-in apparatuses for this.




From the makers of Toilet Grenade! BANG!


Drill Brush brand has other bristle stiffnesses, and shapes. The ones I have seem bulletproof. They’re super sturdy.

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I see someone found meatspin .com

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If this is what it takes to get straight guys to clean house, then go for it.

Next thing you know, they will be playing with dolls^H^H^H^H action figures.

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How about my ex?

Like I said…


What’s the difference between a prostitute with diarrhea and an epileptic oyster shucker?

The epileptic shucks between fits.

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Funny thing is I just bought this Hilikme set this morning, then come to BB and see they have something that’s less complete and costs 2x more.


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Yes, a cowl or hood, as an attachment or built-in feature, seems desirable for several, if not most, use cases.

It’s really not that bad. If you have so much gunk that it’ll be flying all over the place, maybe reaching for the high speed rotary attachment shouldn’t be your first move.

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Agreed, up to a point. I may have small amounts of barely visible gunk whose random distribution would not be such an issue if I could see it and clean it up. But then I’m not the sort of cleaner who clears the entire area, puts down dust sheets and does it laboriously and properly. And a variable speed drill is also possibly of slight mitigatory value.

OR …

Hey - great way to just brush off my legitimate concern. :wink:

After that a toilet with a scoreboard for every time the toilet seat is put down after peeing. Make it to 12 points and then air horns and fake applause are triggered.

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FYP :slightly_smiling_face:

You lack imagination, my friend.