HOWTO make a bathtub-cleaning scrub-bit for your cordless drill




A large belt sander is even more manly, and destroys the finish on your tub even faster!


Uh, cleaning a bathtub isn’t that hard, manly men.


You’re not getting the manly point here. Anything worth doing is worth doing MANLIER, and that means more destructively, in every sense of the word “destructively”. If you can wipe out a couple endangered species and pollute the water table along the way it’s double extra bonus manliness points.


I’m going to be a real maverick here and suggest that this will also work with my corded drill.


It is if you only do it once a year.

Which is about how long it takes before a manly man to realize that maybe they should clean it. It won’t actually happen for two years though because he has to work himself up to the task, by which point there are enough layers of soap scum that you need a geologist to interpret them.


hell yeh…batteries are for sissies.


C’mon, man up…
Here is the proper cleaning solution:
Manly cleaning solution
Apply to surface and allow to dry.
While solution dries, capture an angry badger. Toss angry badger into bathtub/shower. Run away!


Don’t forget to harvest the mushrooms before cleaning…


I let the cleaner do that, but, I saw Alton Brown make a hell of a pepper grinder with a drill.
Cool vid -


Clarification: Run away before badger hits the surface…


Yes, but if you’re manly ignoring the dripping or other problems that the bathtub faucet has, you’ll be manly enjoying some of the same benefits as those that bathe with radios or toasters also enjoy…

This is one of those few times when a battery-powered drill would definitely outperform a corded one.


My bath is full of computers at the moment, as I am, errr, ‘reorganising’. Yes, that’s it.


The water where I live is so hard I caught myself actually wondering if this would work to remove soap scum without spending hours daily in the shower with a scrubby pad.


I use a big car wash mitt, clean the whole tub in two minutes.


Uh, hello? The entire point of the Manly Solution is to not be asked to do it ever again. This will work perfectly for that job.


I did this ages ago using a rubber sanding disc and an old pair of underwear. It went out of balance easily, but worked well before that happened.


Ah, but you underestimate the power of Honey-Do. You WILL be asked to do it again whether it needs it or not.


You people somehow imply I enjoy doing a shitty manual job of scrubbing the bathtub. I own one of the Black and Decker scumbuster line and it works great. A full charge will just about do a full walk-in shower and it sure beats having to do it all by hand. Besides I typically clean the shower in the nude and just get a shower when I’m done; the scumbuster is water proof, my cordless drill is not.


Showering in the garden eliminates the need to clean the bathtub. Just be sure to wash with chemicals that won’t harm the pansies.