Kenneth Anger and Brian Butler occult theatrical extravaganza in L.A. on Sunday


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I was raised Mormon and stuck around long enough to attend temple ceremonies - where my basically naked body was “washed and anointed” by elderly temple workers and I was instructed to pantomime various forms of ritual suicide as a warning against revealing the temple secrets I learned there.

Cult or occult, it was quite a theatrical extravaganza in its own way.


I’m really surprised Kenneth Anger still walks among us.


Yes, I’m surprised too. Have you seen his experimental films or read his books? The dude has been around for a helluva long time.


There needs to be a “film school” version of Netflix, where you can see experimental film, arthouse film, and classic documentary.
If it already exists, I need to know where that is.


According to Wikipedia, he’s 89 and started making movies back in the 1940’s when he was very young indeed.


I had to search YouTube. Here is his first publicly displayed film, Fireworks (1947).

The homoerotic themes are very daring for the time. I haven’t seen this since my sophomore year, over 30 years ago. I wonder if I picked up on the visual puns.

Here’s another—I guess we should say that it is as much auto-erotic as it is homoerotic.

And finally, a clip from Scorpio Rising. This is a much more dense collage and you might be able to see where he is exploring metaphysical and occult themes.


Ha ha I was going to post those myself :smiley:


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