Priest rides ‘possessed’ man like a donkey in bizarre exorcism video

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Orson Wells is looking good, for a dead man.


Nothing compared to what new age men’s movement folks do.


Kinda curious about the particular Christian denomination represented here. Doesn’t look familiar. Also, how do we know it’s an exorcism, and not some other bizarre rite? Can anyone translate?


Now, I go to field and ride donkey like man.

Excorcise dat ass.

Not even the best special move.

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anyone who hasn’t seen “El Dia de la Bestia” (day of the beast) has missed one of the best dark comedy movies ever made.

Don’t knock it 'til you’ve tried it!

The excerpt says it’s the Moldovan Orthodox Church, so the denomination would be “Moldovan flavor or Eastern Orthodox” I’d expect it wouldn’t be too different from the Russian, Romanian and Ukrainian Orthodoxies.

It’s all the same if you ask me. Worshiping a dead guy who probably didn’t even exist by believing symbolic cannibalism is literal cannibalism because “magic”.

I got nothing.

What did I do so wrong in life that I’m not doing this for a living?

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Um, are there “non-bizarre” exorcism videos?

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